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Care Package - White
White Care Package for Jura Automatic Coffee Machines

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About Care Packages 

We are now offering JURA Care Packages complete with all the maintenance products you would need to keep your JURA machine healthy and running smoothly. These care packages are based on average use of our JURA machines and recommended cleaning.

Why Clean: The right maintenance guarantees the optimum coffee result and measurably extends the lifetime of your automatic machine. When it comes to the perfect coffee result and smooth machine functioning, the cleanliness of the machine and the hygienic handling of milk, coffee and water are just as important as the technical refinements of the automatic machine itself.

We have developed the JURA range of maintenance products to make it easy to maintain the machine at the touch of a button. The CLEARYL filter delivers perfect water, the cleaning tablets ensure the brewing unit is clean and free from coffee fats, and the milk system cleaning function keeps the pipes clean with absolutely no milk residues.


Clearyl White Filters

Coffee contains 98% water. The better the quality of the water, the purer and less adulterated the aroma. CLEARYL reliably filters the water to leave the optimum ingredient for perfect coffee: pure water for pure enjoyment.

The CLEARYL filter cartridge filters the water before every preparation, ensuring consistently high water quality for the perfect cup of coffee. The CLEARYL filter cartridge protects the machine against calcium deposits for a longer service life. If you are using a CLEARYL filter cartridge there is no need to descale the machine.


2 Phase Cleaning Tablets

Maintenance of the automatic coffee machines and hygiene when working with milk, coffee and water are key to maintaining a very high level of coffee quality.

Every automatic machine from JURA has a zero-maintenance brewing unit with self-cleaning at the touch of a button.

Our research team has developed an outstanding cleaning tablet. Their intensive work means that the cleaning and protective action of these tablets is vastly enhanced. The new 2-phase cleaning tablet doesn’t just clean the machine, it also seals it to delay the accumulation of coffee fat residue. 

Only use original JURA cleaning tablets to clean and protect your JURA automatic coffee machine. Only these tablets are perfectly matched to the automatic cleaning cycle.


Milk System Cleaner / 1000 ml Cappuccino Cleaner

JURA's fine foam technology is setting new standards. The revolutionary fine foam technology creates a finely textured milk foam with a long-lasting consistency, making every mouthful a pleasure for the palate and tongue. You can enjoy specialty coffees, such as latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso macchiato and flat white in outstanding quality. To enable you to enjoy superlative specialty coffees every time, JURA has produced the milk system cleaner.

The formulation is precisely adapted for use in JURA fully automatic machines for coffee specialties, and ensures extremely effective cleaning without damaging the material. As a result, the service life of your fully automatic machine for coffee specialties is extended.  Simply rinsing your milk spout with the cleaner removes milk residues and milk fat and the automatic machine is hygienically cleaned for its next use.



3 Month      
  Clearyl White Water Filter 64553  2
  Cleaning Tablets, 6 pack 64308  1
  Mik system cleaner, 250ML 66549  3
6 Month      
   Clearyl White Water Filter 64553 4
   Cleaning Tablets, 6 pack 64308
   Mik system cleaner, 250ML 66549 
12 Month      
   Clearyl White Water Filter 64553
   Cleaning Tablets, 6 pack 64308 
   1000 Ml Cappuccino Cleaner 70700

Clearyl White Filter is compatible with the following models:

C9 OT (w/ original water tank only), E8 original, E9, F60, original F7, F8,

J5, S7A, S9A, S9 OT, XS90, XS90 OT, Z5 & Z6 original.


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